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More action prop Graphics in League of Gentlemen

League of Gentlemen returned to BBC after a 19 year break. Critics have praised the return of the same characters from the original, set in the same town of Royston Vasey. The Actors look older but the sets had to dressed in the same way, while keeping up to date with the story line of the town being at risk from development. Acme Graphics were really pleased to help design some of the graphics for the three specials, aired at Christmas 2017.

league of gentlemens, signs, road signs, acme graphics
Fans of the original 1990’s series will recognise the Royston Vasey sign that Acme had to recreate artwork for the printing of the famous road sign for the new series

Graphics for League of Gentlemen by Acme

Acme Graphics were very proud to be part of the new series of League of Gentlemen. The series included characters from the original series from 15 years ago. The sets had to be re-built to match the original series. We were asked to recreate the wallpaper design for The Dentons character’s set – working from stills from the 1990s original.

league of gentlemen, wallpaper design, vintage wallpaper
Acme was asked to redesign the original wallpaper design of League of Gentlemen Specials for The Dentons Living Room set

Acme Action Crisps

We get asked so many times if we can print foil crisps so we decided to invent a convincing Action Prop Crisp packet. Here is out latest invention. We think it looks pretty convincing. This design was used for Celebrity Get Me Outta Here – Bug Crispies!

acme graphics, graphic props, prop crisps, crisp packets
Acme Graphics make action graphic prop crisps with foil inside and gloss finish to authenticity. These were for Celebrity Get Me Outta Here.

crisps 3

Its a (car) Wrap!

Acme have designed the artwork for Van and car vinyls and this car wrap. Printed vinyl can be attached to all vehicles. Cut vinyl is also an option but if colours are unusual, printed vinyl can be the best option.

car wrap, car vinyls, car graphic design
Newcastle Football Club needed a Car wrap designed for a BBC FA Cup Commercial

Acme Graphics made Tesco Carrier Bags

You may not realise that Acme Graphics make 3D prop making packaging too. Here are a few examples of the 3D graphic props that we have made over the years. We have an extensive library of package design or we can make anything bespoke. We recently made Tesco’s Christmas Bags for the Christmas advert.

prop make, graphic props, 3d props, carrier bag make,
Acme Graphics made Tesco bags for the 2017 Christmas Tesco Advert
graphic props, prop making, 3d prop make, tescos, carrier bags
Acme made some carrier bags for Tesco christmas commercial as action props and dressing
tesco, carrier bag, prop make, graphic props
Before we send anything out we always send a photo to show the finished action prop works and the client is happy

Acme Graphics 3D package design

Acme Graphics create 3D graphic props for action props or set dressing. Package design of food & drinks, cigarettes, condom packets, toy boxes, toiletries to dog food. We have a library of packaging that can be used with name clearance and we can print and make it! Cigarettes have changed – we we have to keep up with the changes.

prop make, graphic props, graphic action prop, cigarette packet
2017 style action prop Cigarette Packet with generic artwork
packaging, graphic props, graphic package design
Acme make any bagged food packaging including treats, crisps and sweets
action props, package design, 3D prop make,
We make all types of box packaging like cereal boxes and washing powder boxes – we can have contents wet or dry in the boxes for action props.

Nick Hellman’s Showreel of Animation by Acme Graphics

This showreel shows the breadth of experience Nick has in Animation at Acme Graphics. He has been creating animation since 1998 for major productions. This showreel shows Nick’s older work but proves that Acme Graphics can design any animation for any prop device in any style required for film, TV and commercial production as part of the film edit or prop.

My animation showreel from 1997 from Nick Hellman on Vimeo.

Acme designed signs show up in Mitchell & Webb’s “Back”

Acme Graphics designed and produced signage for various locations for the shoot of Mitchell & Webb’s “Back. Here are a few screenshot of cut vinyl and designed logos for a bakery, food factory, DIY store, funeral home, cafe and a pub. All spotted in these screenshots taken from the first series of the comedy.

graphic props, cut vinyl, back,
Mitchell and Webb’s BACK shows Acme Graphics cut vinyl in reverse as David peers through the funeral parlour window.
signage, graphic props, printed vinyl, signs
Acme Graphics designed the sign logo for this factory shot of a jolly farmer
logo design, graphic props, signs, prop signage
Acme designed the Ogdens Bakery logo that Back used in their Bakery location