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Acme get Crafty making School Notice Boards

We got our craft skills out for the task of making some Christmas school notice boards. We channelled our inner primary school student to re-create a class of art projects on 3 boards for various age groups. The commission was fun but took a while to get the glitter out the studio afterwards. We have created a range of school classroom wall dressing boards – these had the most pompoms and glitter on them.

school notice boards, craft, art class, child art
Xmas Classroom notice boards made by the Acme Team, channeling their inner child skills to make authentic, believable primary school students classwork from scratch.

reindeer board snowman board Star

School Notice board in a Co Op Advert - see the world map Acme created and the charity trip photos all mocked up to create school boards in the background
School Notice board in a Co Op Advert – see the world map Acme created and the charity trip photos all mocked up to create school boards in the background

Chalkboards without any messy chalk!

Acme Graphics have started a range of blackboards or chalkboards that Acme create to look like aged blackboards for restaurant, bar and cafe sets. The blackboards are aged in the design stage and printed on vinyl + mounted on black foamex. The chalkboards look like well used blackboards and can have any text in any font without any of the chalk or mess and hassle of chalk pens!

signage, signs, vinyl, print,
Chalkboard Menu – printed on vinyl + mounted on Foamex for permanent interior or exterior signage without the hassle. This one is for a Xmas Cafe.

Explicit Graphic Prop Makes for The Horrors Music Video

The latest music video for The Horrors, “Something to remember me by” included some explicit graphic prop package design. Showcasing our various prop making techniques from perspex cutting to package design of products like sex toys, soap and lipsticks.

thehorrors, musicvideo, propmake
Cut Perspex mould for The Horrors soap making part of music video
The horrors, packaging, perspex
Cut perspex for the Prop soap making section of music video creating promotional products from the band’s bodily juices.
the horrors, prop make, packaging
Explicit promotional products designed by Acme Graphics as props for the new The Horrors Music Video

Motion graphics for action computer props

Motion graphics can be created and loaded onto portable devices on Film Sets to assist the actor and scroll though pages as an animated sequence of graphics in action. Any device, Apple or Analogue, ipad, laptop, phone, hospital equipment, digital screens of any kind.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 13.00.01
Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 13.00.49
Animated files on desktop or portable device. The Actor can scroll through page changes as per script – all artwork of generic social media pages & banking pages all created by Acme.

O2 – Be More Dog – Tail Wag commercial graphics

Earlier this year we were commissioned to design and print a wide range of props, signs and graphics for the O2 be More Dog commercial.

Here is a selection of graphic designs and stills from the production:

O2 commercial Odeon cinema visual
O2 commercial Odeon cinema visual
Still from production
Still from production
Mosaic sign design
Mosaic sign design for Butchers shop
Butchers shop sign at the location
Printed and mounted Butchers shop sign at the location

We designed and printed graphics for the van, Butchers Shop exterior and interior, Odeon cinema, Cafe Nero, Music venue and Italian restaurant.

Acme Graphics have supplied graphics props for commercials over the past 15 years.