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More action prop Graphics in League of Gentlemen

League of Gentlemen returned to BBC after a 19 year break. Critics have praised the return of the same characters from the original, set in the same town of Royston Vasey. The Actors look older but the sets had to dressed in the same way, while keeping up to date with the story line of the town being at risk from development. Acme Graphics were really pleased to help design some of the graphics for the three specials, aired at Christmas 2017.

league of gentlemens, signs, road signs, acme graphics
Fans of the original 1990’s series will recognise the Royston Vasey sign that Acme had to recreate artwork for the printing of the famous road sign for the new series

Graphics for League of Gentlemen by Acme

Acme Graphics were very proud to be part of the new series of League of Gentlemen. The series included characters from the original series from 15 years ago. The sets had to be re-built to match the original series. We were asked to recreate the wallpaper design for The Dentons character’s set – working from stills from the 1990s original.

league of gentlemen, wallpaper design, vintage wallpaper
Acme was asked to redesign the original wallpaper design of League of Gentlemen Specials for The Dentons Living Room set

Acme Action Crisps

We get asked so many times if we can print foil crisps so we decided to invent a convincing Action Prop Crisp packet. Here is out latest invention. We think it looks pretty convincing. This design was used for Celebrity Get Me Outta Here – Bug Crispies!

acme graphics, graphic props, prop crisps, crisp packets
Acme Graphics make action graphic prop crisps with foil inside and gloss finish to authenticity. These were for Celebrity Get Me Outta Here.

crisps 3

Its a (car) Wrap!

Acme have designed the artwork for Van and car vinyls and this car wrap. Printed vinyl can be attached to all vehicles. Cut vinyl is also an option but if colours are unusual, printed vinyl can be the best option.

car wrap, car vinyls, car graphic design
Newcastle Football Club needed a Car wrap designed for a BBC FA Cup Commercial

James Corden with Acme Graphics Licence Plate on his Confused Car

James Corden is well known as the face of commercials in the classic Mercedes with the memorable Confusd Licence plates. Acme Graphics made these graphic prop licence plates. We used car filler on foamex, sanded and car sprayed the prop then added vinyl lettering to create a plate with profiled letters. Licence plate made of foamex, paint and vinyl
Licence plates made in the Acme workshop made of foamex, spray paint and cut vinyl
1967 mercedes benz w108,, james corden, mercedes, prop make,
Graphic Prop Licence plate made of spray painted foamex and vinyl cut lettering, commercial, front and rear licence plates, prop makes, vinyl cut, 1967 mercedes w108
From commercial showing Acme Graphics prop make licence plates. Vintage period prop licence plates made of foamex and spray paint, mercedes 1967 w108, prop make, licence plates, vinyll, spray painted licence plates, james corden, commercial showing Acme Graphics prop makes. Front and rear prop vintage period licence plates on James Corden famous car.

Chalkboards without any messy chalk!

Acme Graphics have started a range of blackboard signs or chalkboards that Acme create to look like aged blackboards for restaurant, bar and cafe sets. The blackboards are aged in the design stage and printed on vinyl + mounted on black foamex. The chalkboards look like well used blackboards and can have any text in any font without any of the chalk or mess and hassle of chalk pens!

graphic props, prop blackboards, chalkboards, printed vinyl, signage, signs, vinyl, print,
Mock blackboard sign with artworked chalk printed on vinyl with satin laminate to make it waterproof. No messy chalk necessary and artwork can be aged as desired.

Explicit Graphic Prop Makes for The Horrors Music Video

The latest music video for The Horrors, “Something to remember me by” included some explicit graphic prop package design. Showcasing our various prop making techniques from perspex cutting to package design of products like sex toys, soap and lipsticks.

thehorrors, musicvideo, propmake
Cut Perspex mould for The Horrors soap making part of music video
The horrors, packaging, perspex
Cut perspex for the Prop make soap making section of music video creating promotional products from the band’s bodily juices.
the horrors, prop make, packaging
Explicit promotional products designed by Acme Graphics as graphic props for the new The Horrors Music Video
the horrors, promotional, graphic prop makes
Display of promotional graphic prop products created by Acme Graphics in the Video

Motion graphics for action computer props

Motion graphics can be created and loaded onto portable devices on Film Sets to assist the actor and scroll though pages as an animated sequence of graphics in action. Any device, Apple or Analogue, ipad, laptop, phone, hospital equipment, digital screens of any kind.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 13.00.01
Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 13.00.49
Animated files on desktop or portable device. The Actor can scroll through page changes as per script – all artwork of generic social media pages & banking pages all created by Acme.