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Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2019

For Acme, the festive season truly begins with the slew of Christmas adverts. Our work on some of the biggest brand ads started last summer, so it’s safe to say we have been eagerly anticipating their arrival.

The first Acme designed graphic we’ve spotted comes in the form of a logo seen in the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. Set in Victorian London, the advert combines the tale of St Nick with the store’s 150th anniversary, told through eyes of an orphan named Nick. The over-exaggerated prison officer logo was one of many graphics created for Sainsbury’s.





Costume Graphics by Acme

One of our most popular requests this summer has been for costume design, although we can’t reveal all the ins and outs we can tell you that they include costumes for a music group, uniforms for a sci-fi movie and t-shirts for a Netflix series. In the meantime, we thought we would reflect on some of our archive favorites, the first on our list has to be ‘that’ Inbetweeners t-shirt. We receive plenty of unusual requests however this has to be up there, along with the array of slogan t-shirts we designed For Benidorm’s Kenneth, who’s crude slogan t-shirts have become synonymous with his outlandish character.

T-shirt design for The Inbetweeners Movie
T-shirt design for The Inbetweeners Movie

Last year we designed the logo worn by Zlatan Ibrahimovic throughout Visa’s global marketing campaign for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We created a unique crest, drawing inspiration from traditional royal crests and Zlatan’s self-proclaimed ‘Lion’ nickname.

Logo designed for Visa
Crest designed for Visa

Creating logo design is a big part of what we do, for the National Geographic’s TV series Mars 2 we designed the Lukrum Industries logo.  Creating a Logo for T.V. and Film follows the same process as creating a logo for the real world, only with a faster turn around!

Logo design for National Geographic's series Mars
Logo design for National Geographic’s series Mars 2