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Graphic Visuals for Oreo

We are often asked to create graphic visuals for agencies, bringing life to their creative concepts. Our latest work was for Oreo, we were briefed to recreate different Oreo packets with icing. Our visuals provided a creative template that was then recreated with real icing for the final shot in the advert.

We created a number of fun designs for different flavours, experimenting with techniques to mimic different styles of icing. This month, Oreo released the first in the series, the final shot being based on our ‘Birthday cake’ graphics.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 14.48.28
Birthday cake visual created by us and recreated by Oreo


Acme Graphics new website and blog launched June 2014

Acme, specialist graphic designers for the film and TV industry announce the launch of their new website, featuring work examples from recent film, television productions that they have been working on over the past year or two, you can view their tv prop graphic work here.

The new site has been optimised for mobile and tablet, as most art department people are always flying around, accessing the web on their mobiles and ipads.

The Acme Blog is also a new addition, we will be adding news and features about the current film, television and commercials productions that we are working on.