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Mcdonald’s Celebrate 50th Anniversary of the Big Mac

The latest Mcdonald’s commercial celebrates the 50th Birthday of the Big Mac. We were asked to make some graphics to illustrate the shoot through the decades of 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. We made some carrier bags, van graphics, tax discs, and a backlit menu.


carrier bags, prop bags, mcdonalds
Retro 1980s Clothes shop design & prop make Bag design  for Mcdonalds Commercial through the ages of Big Mac customers
prop make plastic bags, retro record bags, Mcdonalds, prop make bags
Retro 1970s Record Bag design and prop make for Mcdonalds Commercial – designed and printed by Acme Graphics 
prop bags, plastic bags, action bags, prop makes, record bags
1970s design plastic bag with vinyl detail for prop bags for Mcdonalds commercial for Big Mac

James Corden with Acme Graphics Licence Plate on his Confused Car

James Corden is well known as the face of commercials in the classic Mercedes with the memorable Confusd Licence plates. Acme Graphics made these graphic prop licence plates. We used car filler on foamex, sanded and car sprayed the prop then added vinyl lettering to create a plate with profiled letters. Licence plate made of foamex, paint and vinyl
Licence plates made in the Acme workshop made of foamex, spray paint and cut vinyl
1967 mercedes benz w108,, james corden, mercedes, prop make,
Graphic Prop Licence plate made of spray painted foamex and vinyl cut lettering, commercial, front and rear licence plates, prop makes, vinyl cut, 1967 mercedes w108
From commercial showing Acme Graphics prop make licence plates. Vintage period prop licence plates made of foamex and spray paint, mercedes 1967 w108, prop make, licence plates, vinyll, spray painted licence plates, james corden, commercial showing Acme Graphics prop makes. Front and rear prop vintage period licence plates on James Corden famous car.

Acme get Crafty making School Notice Boards for Morrisons Christmas Commercial

graphic design, prop school boards, craft boards, prop make, primary school notice boards
School Notice board made for Morrisons Christmas commercial using craft skills to look like an authentic primary school style notice board
graphic prop, prop make, school notice board, school set dressing, prop make notice board,
Graphic prop notice board created looks like a real primary school notice board
school notice boards, craft, art class, child art
School Notice board in Acme created using our craft skills to create school boards in the background


Acme Prop Make Fictional Generic Passports

New for Acme Graphics! We make graphic prop generic Passports with printed or gold leaf embossed detail on front covers. Acme now have a range of generic Passport designs for front & inside pages. This is ideal for action props as gaining clearance on real passports can be difficult for productions to obtain quickly. Acme passports look and feel authentic and are clearance friendly.

prop make, proppassports,
Fictional generic graphic prop made passports for use when permission is hard to obtain on productions of any scale
prop make, graphic props, prop passports, prop make passport, british passport, european passport, swiss passport, german passport, french passport,
Acme Graphics full range of generic European graphic prop passports insides and front covers. Gold leaf front covers or printed depending on your budget.

Latest Vodafone Advert with Martin Freeman

The latest advert in the Vodafone campaign with Martin Freeman as a shopper approached by criminals in a basement car park. Acme Graphics designed the Exterior and Interior Car Park signage and all the food packaging that Martin Freeman complains about at the end of the advert. There was actually 30 pieces of package design created but cut in the edit. Luckily lots of Acme work did make the edit and featured heavily in the commercial.

A car screeches into an underground car park featuring Acme designed and printed signage
A car screeches into an underground car park featuring Acme designed and printed signage
Interior Car Park Signage in over Martin Freeman's shoulder of "Chase" Vodafone Commercial
Interior Car Park Signage in over Martin Freeman’s shoulder of “Chase” Vodafone Commercial
Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 13.19.15
Martin Freeman featuring Acme bespoke package design and prop make

Licence Plate Prop making options

cme Graphics are prop making licence plates and we have a range of techniques using vinyl and foamex. Here are some vintage plate styles. The fonts were created from vintage reference and cut from stainless steel vinyl., prop make, licence plate
Sprayed Prop make in American Style for licence plates
Norwegian Licence Plates with 3D element in design to look like bevelled signs
Norwegian Licence Plates with 3D element in design to look like bevelled signs


Vintage looking licence plate created by heating Vinyl to create a 3D effect
Vintage looking licence plate created by heating Vinyl to create a 3D effect

7EF27FD6-B824-4D37-96BC-CA53962AE8FD 2 IMG_5027

Teen Magazine made for BBC3 Murder in Successville Television Comedy

Acme Graphics have a stock of Generic magazines for action props or dressing sets. Interior Design, Architecture, Mens Magazines, Womens Fashion, teenage and gossip magazines. This is the latest one for ‘Murder in Successville’ made into an action prop. Generic design with library stock images and clearable name of Production’s choice.

teenage magazine, girls magazine, womens magazine
Teenage magazine designed using clearable library images – see full range of new magazines