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Acme Graphics design Zlatan lbrahimovic’s Logo for Visa Campaign

It looks like we will be seeing a lot of Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the 2018 FIFA World Cup approaches, not on the pitch but as the global face of Visa’s marketing campaign for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

This week we saw the first glimpse of Visa’s global advertising campaign with a cheeky ad starring the Swedish striker and featuring a logo crest designed by Acme Graphics. Playing on his world famous ego, Acme created Zlatan his very own ‘royal’ crest.

Acme drew inspiration from traditional royal crests and his self proclaimed Lion nickname.
Acme drew inspiration from traditional royal crests and Zlatan’s self proclaimed ‘Lion’ nickname.


In the words of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s ‘Don’t worry world, the lion cannot miss the hunt’.

The ‘royal’ crest design was one of many items that Acme were asked to create for the production, including digital painting, illustration and graphics for vehicle wrapping.

Acme Graphics design Animations for Film and TV

Acme Graphics has been credited in the award winning film Northern Disco Lights for its animation throughout the film. The story of house music is told from the perspective of the DJ’s and Producers both from Norway and internationally acclaimed music professionals. The film is a selection of vintage clips and animations to illustrate the memories of the people involved in the music movement that is now internationally respected.

This video is compliments the narration by the DJ’s from Norway talking about when popular music came to Norway that had been up until that time about 25 years behind in music taste, with no radio stations or DJ Events. This animated sequence designed by Acme tells the story perfectly and gives the viewer a funny picture of the average life of a young Norwegian in the early 1990s.

See the whole Red Bull film full of Acme Graphics Animations here.

Robbie Williams’ Pub Prank Signage and Props on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Takeaway

Robbie Williams interviewing staff in his new pub. Ant & Dec get Acme to make comedy beer pumps tags
Robbie Williams interviewing staff in his new pub. Ant & Dec get Acme to make comedy beer pumps tags
Prop Make Beer tags with Robbie Williams puns
Prop Make Beer tags with Robbie Williams puns
pub sign, robbie williams, illustration, digital painting
Digitally Painted Pub sign illustrated & printed make for Robbie Williams on Ant & Dec
Options for Robbie William's Pub Sign for Prank
Oil Painting style Pub sign created digitally
digital painting, oil painting, signage, prop make
Pub sign created from a photo and turned into an Oil Painting style pub sign

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field play a prank on the public with Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway. Robbie has a new pub and Acme was asked to create Pub Signs and Beer Pump Tags to make the prank more authentic until Robbie see’s the jokes are on him.

New KFC commercial ‘wedding’ featuring our period book cover

Nick Foley-Oates  asked us to create a period Sci-Fi novel cover for the new KFC commercial. We had to illustrate the cover in a convincing 1950 style, to look convincingly old and worn in close up.

prop book covers
1950s style SCI-Fi book covers for KFC commercial

The agency were very specific about the look of the book cover, and handily provided lots of reference material that helped nail the illustration style.

We have designed many prop book covers over the years, but not all of them were as much fun.

Acme Activity in August (graphic prop work update)

August is generally a busy month in the world of film and television, as many productions schedule location shooting over the summer, hoping for good weather.

So no surprises that we have been busy creating quite a few prop graphics for the second series of a successful TV police drama set on south cost of England, however we can not divulge any specific details as its all very hush, hush, as production understandably do not want any details to leak out.

Our tasks have mainly been to design newspapers and website pages that are central to the narrative, so no images available yet.

One very interesting project was to provide illustration and design for a 1950s style book cover for a KFC commercial, its always fun to work on period graphics.

Other jobs passing through the Acme Towers studios include the second series of The Job Lot, visual for a Littlewoods advert, a charity job for St John’s Ambulance among others.

So while some have been soaking up the sunshine on various beaches around Europe, the Acme team have been nose to the screen, conjuring up a myriad of graphical terats.


What is happening at Acme Towers this week?

Things are calming down after a hectic week in the world of TV graphic props. We have been working on a new sitcom called ‘The Detectorists’ for Channel X for the BBC. Starring Mackenzie Crook, Toby Jones, Rachael Stirling, Aimee-Ffion Edwards and Lucy Benjamin the comedy revolves around a bunch of wannabe archaeologist, spending their time in muddy fields with a metal detectors, dreaming of finding that priceless ancient treasure that will make them rich and cement their place in detecting history.

Pork scratching packaging options
Pork scratching packaging options

Commissioned be Lucy Haley and Sam Harley, we have created some unusual graphic props including authentic pub signage that we designed and printed, pregnancy test packaging and an illustration that was manufactured as a brass lapel pin, as well as the usual newspapers, magazines and signs and posters.

Pregnancy test packaging
Pregnancy test packaging

Georgina Millett asked us to print and make up 20 cigarette packs for the Gunman, 10 of which were European soft packs which proved to be quite a challenge.

Other prop graphics designed include graph charts for a McDonalds commercial, photo editing and signage for a Kingsmill commercial and other bits and bobs.

Food poster design options
Food poster design options

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