Monthly Archives: April 2016

Race to the finish line

Over the last year we have been commissioned to create graphic artwork and print for many commercials. This one is a Virgin Train Commercial shoot at Olympic Park and Finsbury Park in April 2016, featuring our design on quite a large scale.
Here are some stills from the production and a few graphic design details and photos from the shoot.

Virgin Trains Commercial screenshot
Virgin Trains Commercial
Graphic Design for Finish stanchion banner
Designs for stanchion banners and barriers in shot
Graphic design of all banners, barrier graphics and flags
Graphic design for 100 metres of barrier signage

Our client was the production designer Nick Foley-Oates, who initiated the layouts, which we took over and turned into the finished designs for the Start and Finish Stanchion Banners, Banners Flags and hundreds of metres of Barrier Banners.

As ever the time available for printing and finishing was compressed into a couple of days, so it really was a race against time to get them to the location for the shoot!