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More action prop Graphics in League of Gentlemen

League of Gentlemen returned to BBC after a 19 year break. Critics have praised the return of the same characters from the original, set in the same town of Royston Vasey. The Actors look older but the sets had to dressed in the same way, while keeping up to date with the story line of the town being at risk from development. Acme Graphics were really pleased to help design some of the graphics for the three specials, aired at Christmas 2017.

league of gentlemens, signs, road signs, acme graphics
Fans of the original 1990’s series will recognise the Royston Vasey sign that Acme had to recreate artwork for the printing of the famous road sign for the new series

Graphics for League of Gentlemen by Acme

Acme Graphics were very proud to be part of the new series of League of Gentlemen. The series included characters¬†from the original series from 15 years ago. The sets had to be re-built to match the original series. We were asked to recreate the wallpaper design for The Dentons character’s set – working from stills from the 1990s original.

league of gentlemen, wallpaper design, vintage wallpaper
Acme was asked to redesign the original wallpaper design of League of Gentlemen Specials for The Dentons Living Room set