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Easter at Sainsbury’s with Acme Graphics set dressing

In the latest Black and white filmed Sainsbury’s commercial, you can see Acme Graphics posters from stock library. Acme has a wide range of posters to dress any set. We also provided generic paint tin for the character action prop.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 15.31.10

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Easter commercial for Sainsbury’s with Acme Graphics posters from our Stock Library on walls of Teenage girls room and prop paint tin action props

Posters designed by Acme Graphics for League of Gentlemen

Acme Graphics have a wide range of Posters for any set dressing requirements, sometimes we are asked to design the more unusual ones like for League of Gentlemen.

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The Monty posters run through the League of Gentlemen and Acme created these two to the collection, they were heavily photoshopped by Acme graphics

Acme were asked to design League of Gentlemen Famous Roadsigns

Acme Graphics design, print and make road signs from Motorway signs for AA Commercials to famous roadsigns for League of Gentlemen. The specials filmed in 2017 returned to Royston Vasey but some things had changed. Acme was asked to design both the remake original Royston Vasey sign and the new town sign. In all our design processes – we offer options. Here you see which one they chose in the show aired in December.

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This sign was used in the dressing of the town in League of Gentlemen, Acme offered options – look which one they chose!
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Acme Graphics always offer the client options on a design so they can choose their favourite

Acme Graphics designed REAL WORLD Renaissance Vodka labels and packaging

Acme Graphics make graphics for Film & TV. We also get asked to REAL WORLD graphic design. Renaissance Vodka asked Acme to design their branding. We received a bottle of this unique Vodka and we can see why it is an industry Gold Medal Winning Vodka.

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Renaissance Vodka is made from British sugar beet from Cambridgeshire.
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Acme Graphics provided Renaissance Vodka with an artisan-style image to match its homegrown UK sugar beet recipe

Celebrate World Book Day by looking at Acme Graphics prop books

Acme Graphics can make a range of book covers contemporary or vintage looking. We can even gold foil emboss the covers in vintage or modern style. We have a library of prop book cover designs that be printed as hardback or paperback covers.

Acme Graphics designed book covers in our library of cleared book designs
Acme Graphics designed book covers in our library of cleared book designs

Screen-Shot-2017-12-01-at-14.30.24 copyScreen-Shot-2017-12-01-at-14.30.46 copy
period_books IMG_5512 IMG_5515