Acme Prop Make Fictional Generic Passports

New for Acme Graphics! We make graphic prop generic Passports with printed or gold leaf embossed detail on front covers. Acme now have a range of generic Passport designs for front & inside pages. This is ideal for action props as gaining clearance on real passports can be difficult for productions to obtain quickly. Acme passports look and feel authentic and are clearance friendly.

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Fictional generic graphic prop made passports for use when permission is hard to obtain on productions of any scale
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Acme Graphics full range of generic European graphic prop passports insides and front covers. Gold leaf front covers or printed depending on your budget.

2 thoughts on “Acme Prop Make Fictional Generic Passports

  1. Hi there

    I have seen your mock passports and I am very interested in obtaining 4-5 different countries. I work at Escape Kent in Canterbury and currently designing a new room where by some prop passports would be very useful. Could you please let me know the best price you are able to produce them for as I am working to a tight budget. They do not have to be of the highest quality but preferably quite durable.

    Kind Regards

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