Prop UK Passport with Gold Foil Stamped Cover

We often get asked to make Graphic Prop Passports – we have the official UK stamp and permission to print the Front Cover of UK passports. It is often a lengthy process to get permission to get clearance to see a UK Passport on screen so we have created some generic inside pages. We have UK passport covers in stock. The Acme inside pages have been created to look like UK passport pages but details have been amended inline with National Archives website regulations on

Prop British Passport with authentic looking inside pages but meet National Archive regulations on use in Filming
Graphic prop generic British passport used in Benidorm but can be transferred to any actor as artwork is generic with no need for clearance.

2 thoughts on “Prop UK Passport with Gold Foil Stamped Cover

  1. Hi there!
    I need few passports for a film production in Barcelona.
    How long does it take to make a British passport and how much does it cost?
    Also, do you have other nationalities?
    I may need a British, an Spanish and a USA.

    Cheers, Eduard

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