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Latest Vodafone Advert with Martin Freeman

The latest advert in the Vodafone campaign with Martin Freeman as a shopper approached by criminals in a basement car park. Acme Graphics designed the Exterior and Interior Car Park signage and all the food packaging that Martin Freeman complains about at the end of the advert. There was actually 30 pieces of package design created but cut in the edit. Luckily lots of Acme work did make the edit and featured heavily in the commercial.

A car screeches into an underground car park featuring Acme designed and printed signage
A car screeches into an underground car park featuring Acme designed and printed signage
Interior Car Park Signage in over Martin Freeman's shoulder of "Chase" Vodafone Commercial
Interior Car Park Signage in over Martin Freeman’s shoulder of “Chase” Vodafone Commercial
Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 13.19.15
Martin Freeman featuring Acme bespoke package design and prop make

Graphic Design turned into inflatable Prop “Blownup”

We were commissioned to design a character that was transformed into an inflatable 3D character called a “Blownup” for a Ford Commercial earlier this year. The illustration was turned into an inflatable “Grown-up’,  that would encourage safe driving as statistically there are less accidents in cars when there are older adults present.

Image of parent character turned into an inflatable
Acme Artwork turned into Action Prop

Race to the finish line

Over the last year we have been commissioned to create graphic artwork and print for many commercials. This one is a Virgin Train Commercial shoot at Olympic Park and Finsbury Park in April 2016, featuring our design on quite a large scale.
Here are some stills from the production and a few graphic design details and photos from the shoot.

Virgin Trains Commercial screenshot
Virgin Trains Commercial
Graphic Design for Finish stanchion banner
Designs for stanchion banners and barriers in shot
Graphic design of all banners, barrier graphics and flags
Graphic design for 100 metres of barrier signage

Our client was the production designer Nick Foley-Oates, who initiated the layouts, which we took over and turned into the finished designs for the Start and Finish Stanchion Banners, Banners Flags and hundreds of metres of Barrier Banners.

As ever the time available for printing and finishing was compressed into a couple of days, so it really was a race against time to get them to the location for the shoot!

O2 – Be More Dog – Tail Wag commercial graphics

Earlier this year we were commissioned to design and print a wide range of props, signs and graphics for the O2 be More Dog commercial.

Here is a selection of graphic designs and stills from the production:

O2 commercial Odeon cinema visual
O2 commercial Odeon cinema visual
Still from production
Still from production
Mosaic sign design
Mosaic sign design for Butchers shop
Butchers shop sign at the location
Printed and mounted Butchers shop sign at the location

We designed and printed graphics for the van, Butchers Shop exterior and interior, Odeon cinema, Cafe Nero, Music venue and Italian restaurant.

Acme Graphics have supplied graphics props for commercials over the past 15 years.