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Spot the Acme made Signs in the new Mitchell & Webb Series “Back”

Acme designed and printed many signs in the new David Mitchell & Robert Webb series, “Back” on Channel 4.  Acme Graphics were commissioned to design exterior Pub and shop signs for the production. The pub signs were artworked to look like old wooden signs but they were printed on vinyl for Designer Rosie Thomas and Neil Barnes.

back, signage, pub signs, printed vinyl, mitchell and webb
Pub Sign artworked to look like old wooden sign but printed on vinyl and mounted on Foamex with satin laminate for Exterior use
traditional pub swing sign, pub sign, printing pub sign
Pub sign designed by Acme Graphics and digitally painted to have a painted wood effect. Printed on vinyl on foamex with satin laminate to waterproof.

Chalkboards without any messy chalk!

Acme Graphics have started a range of blackboard signs or chalkboards that Acme create to look like aged blackboards for restaurant, bar and cafe sets. The blackboards are aged in the design stage and printed on vinyl + mounted on black foamex. The chalkboards look like well used blackboards and can have any text in any font without any of the chalk or mess and hassle of chalk pens!

graphic props, prop blackboards, chalkboards, printed vinyl, signage, signs, vinyl, print,
Mock blackboard sign with artworked chalk printed on vinyl with satin laminate to make it waterproof. No messy chalk necessary and artwork can be aged as desired.

Latest Vodafone Advert with Martin Freeman

The latest advert in the Vodafone campaign with Martin Freeman as a shopper approached by criminals in a basement car park. Acme Graphics designed the Exterior and Interior Car Park signage and all the food packaging that Martin Freeman complains about at the end of the advert. There was actually 30 pieces of package design created but cut in the edit. Luckily lots of Acme work did make the edit and featured heavily in the commercial.

A car screeches into an underground car park featuring Acme designed and printed signage
A car screeches into an underground car park featuring Acme designed and printed signage
Interior Car Park Signage in over Martin Freeman's shoulder of "Chase" Vodafone Commercial
Interior Car Park Signage in over Martin Freeman’s shoulder of “Chase” Vodafone Commercial
Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 13.19.15
Martin Freeman featuring Acme bespoke package design and prop make